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Msi Intel Atx DDR3 2400 Intel Lga 1155 Motherboards Z77A-G45 Thunderbolt

Intel Atx DDR3 2400 Intel Lga 1155 Motherboards5 Star Rating
Intel Atx DDR3 2400 Intel Lga 1155 MotherboardsMsi Intel Atx DDR3 2400 Intel Lga 1155 Motherboards Z77AG45 Thunderbolt Image 1Msi Intel Atx DDR3 2400 Intel Lga 1155 Motherboards Z77AG45 Thunderbolt Image 2Msi Intel Atx DDR3 2400 Intel Lga 1155 Motherboards Z77AG45 Thunderbolt Image 3Msi Intel Atx DDR3 2400 Intel Lga 1155 Motherboards Z77AG45 Thunderbolt Image 4Msi Intel Atx DDR3 2400 Intel Lga 1155 Motherboards Z77AG45 Thunderbolt Image 5Msi Intel Atx DDR3 2400 Intel Lga 1155 Motherboards Z77AG45 Thunderbolt Image 6
Intel Atx DDR3 2400 The Most Beneficial Motherboards Improvement

I really liked that the main board has the feature of 3 pci-e 3. 0 (16/4/4, 8/8/4) and 4 pci-e x1. Additional features include atx, 1 thunderbolt port, 1 hdmi and 1 vga, cross fire and sli ready, intel z77 chipset and socket lga 1155. It's dimensions are 2.2" Height x 11.6" Length x 8.7" Width. It has got a weight of 3 lbs. Online deals for Intel Atx DDR3 2400 Intel Lga 1155 Motherboards. To learn more about this AsRock motherboard, visit the button below.

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List Price: $184.99
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Model:Z77A-G45 Thunderbolt

Product Info

MSI Z77A-G45 Thunderbolt: LGA 1155, Intel Z77, SATA 6Gb/s, USB 3. 0 (16/4/4, 8/8/4) , 4 PCI-E x1, 1 Thunderbolt port, 1 HDMI, 1 VGA, ATX Motherboard 0, 3 PCI-E 3.

The Z77A-G45 Thunderbolt from MSI brings the new connectivity standard to everyone! Featuring Intel Thunderbolt Technology, the Z77A-G45 Thunderbolt allows up to 6 Thunderbolt-capable devices to develop to be connected utilizing a single cable. Coupled with Military Class III components, the intuitive Click BIOS II graphical UEFI, and one-touch overclocking OC Genie II, enjoy Thunderbolt for everyone with the Z77A-G45 Thunderbolt mainboard! Key FeaturesSupport for 3rd Generation Intel Core i7/i5/i3/Pentium/Celeron processors for socket LGA1155Intel Z77 Express Chipset4DIMM memory slots, 32GB capacity with assistance for DDR3 up to 2800MHZ (OC) Intel Thunderbolt via mini-Display Port onboard connectionCertified Military Class component design3x PCI-E 3. 1 Surround) HD Audio with THX Tru Studio Pro, Gigabit LAN2x SATA 6Gb/s with RAID, 4x SATA 3Gb/s with RAID4x USB 3. 0 ports (4 rear/6 front) HDMI/mini Display Port/VGA outputsLearn MoreSUPPORTING THE FASTEST CPU AND MEMORY CONFIGURATIONS ON THE PLANET 0 ports (2 rear/2 front) , 10x USB 2. 0 x16 physical slots with AMD Crossfire X and NVIDIA SLI multi-GPU support8-channel (7. With as significantly as 10Gbps of dual-channel bandwidth through a single mini Display Port connection, the Z77A-G45 Thunderbolt makes it feasible for for flexible storage options upwards of over 100TB creating use of external devices.

The Z77A-G45 Thunderbolt mainboard allows you to utilize the fastest CPU and memory configurations on the planet. THUNDERBOLT FOR EVERYONE ¡ V Z77A-G45 THUNDERBOLT With support for the 3rd Generation Intel Core family of processors (codename Ivy Bridge) and 3nd Generation Intel Core family of processors (codename Sandy Bridge) , and with support for up t 2800MHz memory configurations, enhance your digital experience on the Z77A-G45 Thunderbolt from MSI.

The MSI Z77A-G45 Thunderbolt functions Intel¡ ¦ s Thunderbolt technologies. Compatible with existing Display Port devices, Intel Thunderbolt permits daisy chaining of as much as 6 devices from a single cable, maximizing your storage and productivity from a single Computer. With dual-channel information transfer capability up to 10Gbps per port, Thunderbolt is more than twice as fast as other external storage options on the industry. CERTIFIED MILITARY CLASS III COMPONENTS

MSI's Military Class III components meet a more stringent testing standard than industry-wide electronic components. Utilizing the US Do D MIL-STD-810G testing protocol, Military Class III components are rated to run beneath the most strenuous conditions to meet the highest levels of performance. These components include: Hi-C CAP -- Low profile tantalum core capacitors, more than 10 times the lifespan of traditional capacitors with 15 times much less energy leakage Solid State Choke (SSC) -- Pure iron core choke with high working currrent and gold coating, created for overclocking All Solid CAP -- Nickle-plated cover for longer endurance, as a lot as 10 years lifespan under full electrical loadsTOTAL SYSTEM CONTROL: CLICKBIOS II, OC GENIE II, CLEAR CMOS BUTTON

The Z77A-G45 Thunderbolt features our innovative Click BIOS II, with an intuitive GUI built on UEFI that permits for usage of next-generation operating systems. All system functions can be controlled via mouse, as nicely as the included desktop Click BIOS II software permits easy system adjustment from Windows. AMD CROSSFIREX AND NVIDIA SLI MULTI-GPU READY The Z77A-G45 Thunderbolt also attributes OC Genie II, which permits overclocking of your unlocked K-series Intel CPU utilizing the choice of a easy BIOS function. In case of system boot failures, the Clear CMOS Button makes it achievable for for quick system settings reset if the need arises.

Features List

  • ATX
  • Active Phase Switching
  • Socket LGA 1155
  • Cross Fire and SLI ready
  • 3 PCI-E 3. 0 (16/4/4, 8/8/4) and 4 PCI-E x1
  • OC Genie II and Click BIOS II
  • Intel Z77 chipset
  • 1 Thunderbolt port, 1 HDMI and 1 VGA
  • Pack: 1
  • Format: CD-ROM
  • Software: Windows
  • Platform: Pc
  • Dimensions: Height: 2.2" Length: 11.6" Depth: 8.7"
  • Weight: 3 lbs.
  • Package Dim.: Height: 2.6" Length: 13.6" Width: 10.9"
  • Package: 3.05 lbs.

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