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Msi Computer Corp. Lga 1155 Intel Z77 DDR3 1333 Cross Fire X And Sli/ SATA3 Usb 3. 0 A&gb E Atx Motherboard Z77A-GD65 Gaming

Lga 1155 Intel Z77 DDR3 1333 Cross Fire5 Star Rating
Lga 1155 Intel Z77 DDR3 1333 Cross FireMsi Computer Corp Lga 1155 Intel Z77 DDR3 1333 Cross Fire X And Sli SATA3 Usb 3 0 Agb E Atx Motherboard Z77AGD65 Gaming Image 1Msi Computer Corp Lga 1155 Intel Z77 DDR3 1333 Cross Fire X And Sli SATA3 Usb 3 0 Agb E Atx Motherboard Z77AGD65 Gaming Image 2Msi Computer Corp Lga 1155 Intel Z77 DDR3 1333 Cross Fire X And Sli SATA3 Usb 3 0 Agb E Atx Motherboard Z77AGD65 Gaming Image 3
Choosing A Black/red, Lga 1155 Intel Z77 Color Black/red

Maximise your pc's capability now with a Lga 1155 Intel Z77 DDR3 1333 Cross Fire. I do believe you will like that it includes slots: 3x pci-express 3. 0 x16 slots, 4x pci-express 2. 0 x1 slots. Additional features include cpu: lga1155. The MB is 3" Height x 11.6" Length x 8.1" Width and it has a weight of 3.6 lbs. The color for the EVGA MB is black/red. The barcode (Universal Product Code) for this item is 816909106220. Choosing a Lga 1155 Intel Z77 DDR3 1333 Cross Fire.

computer corp intel cross fire motherboard

Brand:MSI Computer Corp.
Model:Z77A-GD65 GAMING

Product Info

MSI Z77A-GD65 GAMING: LGA 1155, Intel Z77, SATA 6Gb/s, USB 3. 0 x16, Killer Game Networking, Sound Blaster Cinema, ATX Motherboard 0, 3 PCI-E 3.

MSI Z77A-GD65 GAMING motherboard is created to supply gamers with best-in-class functions and technology. 0 + SATA 6Gb/sKiller E2200 game networkingMilitary Class III top quality and stability componentsOC Genie II: Overclock in 1 secondClick BIOS II: World's 1st UEFI and software program graphical user interfaceSLI and Cross Fire readySound Blaster Cinema: Realistic surround sound experienceGaming Device Port: Optimized with triple gold-plating for high frequency gaming devicesLearn MoreKILL YOUR LAG! Key FeaturesLGA 1155 socket to aid 3rd Gen and 2nd Gen Intel Core/ Pentium/ Celeron processorsSupport as much as DDR3-3000 (OC) memoryUSB 3. Backed by the imposing looks of MSI's dragon, each motherboard is an engineering masterpiece tailored to gaming perfection.

The Killer E2200 Intelligent Networking Platform is built for maximum networking performance for online games and high-quality streaming media. Featuring Advanced Stream Detect, Killer E2200 automatically detects and accelerates game site visitors ahead of other network traffic for smoother, stutter-free in-game performance and the competitive edge. Through the detection and prioritization of gaming site visitors you can finally fully utilize your network with no fear of becoming kicked from an on-line game since of high ping. GAMING DEVICE PORT Killer networking really enables you to utilize your PC 24 hours every single day. This enables true multi-tasking without manually enabling or disabling applications, updates and installations. With this exclusive, automatic traffic prioritization, games and real-time chat get priority more than low-level system chatter, giving you the lowest latency for game data on possibly the most controllable network hardware available.

You want a lot more FPS, lower ping, but why use a pro-gaming mouse with old-fashioned standards? This gives a much smoother mouse response in games. MSI Gaming Device Port is optimized for high polling rate mice (500 to 1000 Hz) which lowers your mouse's response time from 8 milliseconds to 1 millisecond! TOP QUALITY AUDIO WITH SOUND BLASTER CINEMA The extra gold plating on the ports enhances the durability drastically and ensures your PS/2 and USB ports are usually working when you ship out to a LAN party.

Hear your enemies perfectly, even on an ear-drum shattering battlefield. Powered by the SBX Pro Studio technologies, Sound Blaster Cinema enables you to clearly hear distinct sounds in gaming environments, making your ears a decisive tool on the battlefield. Your most considerable gaming sound effects are reproduced crystal clear permitting you to concentrate on your game even during extremely lengthy gaming sessions. OPTIMIZED FOR MULTIPLE GRAPHICS CARDS Thanks to Sound Blaster Cinema, you're getting amazing surround sound with just stereo headphones.

MSI Z77A-GD65 GAMING motherboard features three PCI-Express 3. That way, you will never have to worry about an overheating PC, while you are enjoying the best graphics jumping off from your monitor when running a NVIDIA SLI or AMD Crossfire gaming setup. MILITARY CLASS III COMPONENTS 0 slots, perfectly aligned and with enough space for an optimal airflow when using multiple graphics cards.

Military Class III might be the subsequent step in high quality components. Thanks to Hi-c CAP's MSI mainboards are the most energy efficient in the market. Super Ferrite Choke: Super Ferrite Chokes use a Ferrite core that is Super-Permeable. Hi-c CAP: A Hi-c CAP is an incredibly small, but super-efficient capacitor. Solid CAP: With their aluminum core design, Solid CAP's have been a staple in high-end design mainboard styles and supplies lower Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) also as its over-10-year lifespan. Because Dr MOS is a 3-in-1 chip it delivers drastically far more energy with less components necessary. Dr MOS II: Dr MOS is the next-gen Mosfet which is employed to deliver the energy for the CPU. This tends to make it possible for the Super Ferrite Chokes to run at a 35 degree Celsius lower temperature, have a 30% higher present capacity, a 20% improvement in power efficiency and greater overclocking power stability. MSI Dr MOS does not waste much power, stays cool and is a lot more energy efficient than other powersaving solutions. The Dr MOS II, Hi-C Cap, Super Ferrite Choke and Solid Caps will make sure that your PC runs far more stable beneath extreme gaming conditions. Besides ensuring sufficient spacing around a CPU socket to install large coolers, it also allows for 93% energy efficiency. This solution gives you the energy to break planet records.

Features List

  • CPU: LGA1155
  • SATA: 4x SATA3 Ports, Two Support RAID 0, 1, 5, 10; 4x SATA2 Ports, Support RAID 0, 1, 5, 10
  • Memory: 4x DDR3-3000(OC)/2800/2667/2600/2400/2200/2133/2000/1866/1600/1333/1066 DIMM Slots, Dual Channel, Max Capacity of 32GB
  • Ports: 4x USB 3. 0 Ports (2 rear, 2 via header), 10x USB 2. 0 Ports (4 rear, 6 via headers), 1x PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse Port, 1x VGA Port, 1x DVI-D Port, 1x HDMI Port, 1x Coaxial S/PDIF Out, 1x Optical S/PDIF Out, 1x RJ45 LAN Port, Audio I/O Jacks
  • Power Connector: 1x 24pin ATX Power Connector, 1x 8pin 12V ATX Power Connector
  • Slots: 3x PCI-Express 3. 0 x16 Slots, 4x PCI-Express 2. 0 x1 Slots
  • LAN: Killer E2205 PCI-Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller
  • Pack: 1
  • Dimensions: Height: 3" Length: 11.6" Depth: 8.1"
  • Weight: 3.6 lbs.
  • Package Dim.: Height: 3.2" Length: 13" Width: 10.9"
  • Package: 3.6 lbs.

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