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Msi P45 NEO2-FR Core 2 Extreme/intel P45/FSB 1600(OC)/4DDR2-1066(OC)/ATI Cross Fire X/gb E/r/a/atx Motherboard

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P45 NEO2FR Core 2 Extremeintel P45FSB

0816909045895 is the EAN-13 barcode, aka the International Article Number for this high-quality product. Making sure that your transaction goes smoothly and everyone comes out satisfied, I'll offer you some hints prior to buying this MSI motherboard. Therefore you will not be frustrated after buying it also in accordance with the product you really want. There is also cost comparisons from retailers that we met, which means you actually get the very best price at present with this MSI motherboard. Buy the p45 neo2-fr core 2. I would like you to get the best price when purchasing a MSI motherboard.


Model: P45Neo2-FR
UPS: 816909045895
Package Quantity: 1


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